Retailers and Wholesale

The website delivers a presentation of our products.

If you want information about where to buy our products please feel free to contact us through the Contact Us section at the bottom of our site. We will then direct you to a wholesale company suited to your demands and location.

We are always looking for wholesale companys to carry our products. If you would like to get started, please contact us through the Contact Us section at the bottom of the start page.


Let Your idears become true, througt Our "Flavor and Product Development Program". To explore all the features We offer, please contact Us through the Contact Us section at the bottom of the start page. Here are some of the opportunity's We provide:

Development of a single flavor.
Development of a flavor series.
Development of a complete product inclusive special designed packaging.
Available as Concentrate, Premixed or Flavor Boosted Premium solutions when ordered.
All flavors will be developed by our mixologist Mads Randrup and fine tuned in cooporation with You.
The program are designed for factorys, wholesale companys and shops.
We are always open for new opportunity's and challenges so please contact Us if You have a special request of any kinde.

Seminar of 1-6 hours according to the Subject chosen and the level of complexity You wish to achieve. Please contact Us to set up a seminar / workshop that fit and meet Your level of expectations and skills. The listed subjects are some of the categories You can choose from:

All the Basic's of getting started Vaping.
RBA and RTA handling and understanding.
How to make Your own e-liquid.
How to make all day vape recipes.
Designing complexe recipes.
Learning about premium liquid recipes.
How to work with flavor concentrate professional.
Controlling the production process of big batches and heavy recipes.