Established in Denmark 2014, Crafted Liquid has a vision set: To satisfy and impress vapers all around the world. We only craft high quality premium products, developing extremely thoroughly tested and unique flavors. To ensure that our flavors will be an experience above the ordinary, we use an average of 5-11 months in the making of each flavor using a minimum of approximately 20 ingredients for each flavor profile. We careful adjust and fine tune the flavors during the development process to achieve the desired result. Before we start the mass production process of a flavor, it has to pass the final testing phase, which among other includes maturing for 30 days and then being vaped for another 30 days afterwards. If the flavor still fulfill our very strict standards regarding the quality and the flavor experience it must deliver, it has earned itself a place in the production line.

Our mixologist Mads Randrup are constantly in the process of innovating the art of flavor blending, optimizing the user experience and keep delivering and developing only the highest premium quality flavors for you to enjoy.


Crafted Liquid's mixologist Mads Randrup started off as many other vape enthusiasts by mixing his own e-liquid. Quickly gaining interest for the premium brands and the extraordinary satisfying experience some of them were capable of. He has bought many...many... expensive and hyped premium liquids since 2013, expecting the premium experience each time... But the majority of the flavors didn’t impress him, and he begun mixing his own complex flavors to acheive the craved satisfaction expected from a premium product.

Mads Randrup started to experiment mixing flavors back in 2013 as a hobby. Constantly learning about how the endless world of different flavor concentrates act and taste when used as a single flavor and in multi layered complexe recipes. Visiting other flavor companies, acquiring knowledge by reading and learning by doing, visiting big e-liquid factories and producers of flavor concentrates are only some of the educational steps Mads Randrup has invested his time in.

Founding the premium vapor liquid company "Crafted Liquid" in 2014 has also lead to a position where, he now develops premium flavors for two of the biggest e-liquid factories in Europe and support other international e-liquid brands during their flavor development process. He is working with an asenal of more than 1000 different flavor concentrates to choose from, recieving new flavor concentrates every month, testing and trying out new maturing processes and flavor blending methods with the purpose of constantly being capable of developing innovative products.

Living and breathing for the love of high quality products Mads Randrup will never stop exploring and innovating the arts of flavor mixology, to assure you many tasty years of pure joy to come.


We offer three different types of products to enjoy:
10ml. Premium Concentrates.
60ml. Flavor Boosted Premium. (40ml. + 20ml.)
100ml. Premium Concentrate's. (Also as bulk size)

Our 100ml. Premium Concentrates series consists off 21 individual flavors. Developed to satisfy a wide variaty off flavor categories.
The series took more than 1 year to create and each flavor are crafted using approximately 16-28 different ingredients per variant, to enshure you an extraordinary flavor experience.

Our Flavor Boosted Premium (40ml. + 20ml.) are currently being crafted.
More info will follow Very Soon!!