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Stake Out

Doughnuts filled with caramel ice cream and topped with fresh blueberries.

Modern Licorice

Salted caramel, light toffee, black licorice and salted licorice.

Strawberry Cream Cake

Juicy strawberries backed up by silky smooth vanilla cream and sweet baked cake crust.

The Giant

Fresh pineapple, selected berries and sweet lemon lime mixed with our exquisite tropical ice cream sorbet.


Sweet strawberries, pear, lychee and many other fruits turned in our unique vanilla dessert cream.


A full bodied custard sensation with a touch of vanilla cream, soft caramel and a light twist of lemon.

Vampire Venue

Vampire gummy bats with fruity notes of raspberry, strawberry, apple and licorice.

Vanilla Tobacco

Mild round and sophisticated tobacco with notes of carefully selected vanilla varieties.

Mint Chocolate Treat

Sweet hard candy mint drops, infused with a gourmet chocolate core.

Mocca Deluxe

Espresso, cappuccino, roasted coffee beans, light notes of mocca cream and deluxe vanilla liquor.

The Strawberry Milkshake

Sweet and juicy strawberries blended with fresh milk and homemade vanilla ice cream.

The Pineapple Dream

Smooth pineapple sorbet, juicy chunks of dragon fruit, mango and tropical fruits gently counter ballanced with our creamy signature vanilla soft-ice.

The Custard

Complex custard with nuances of caramel fudge, white chocolate, hazelnut's braised with brown sugar, light cream and subtile notes of lemon.


Established in Denmark 2014, Crafted Liquid has a vision set: To satisfy and impress vapers all around the world. We only craft high quality premium products, developing extremely thoroughly tested and unique flavors. To ensure that our flavors will be an experience above the ordinary, we use an average of 5-11 months in the making of each flavor using a minimum of approximately 20 ingredients for each flavor profile. We careful adjust and fine tune the flavors during the development process to achieve the desired result. Before we start the mass production process of a flavor, it has to pass the final testing phase, which among other includes maturing for 30 days and then being vaped for another 30 days afterwards. If the flavor still fulfill our very strict standards regarding the quality and the flavor experience it must deliver, it has earned itself a place in the production line.

Our mixologist Mads Randrup are constantly in the process of innovating the art of flavor blending, optimizing the user experience and keep delivering and developing only the highest premium quality flavors for you to enjoy.

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